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About Us

About the Organisation

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in India

A Leading Hair Restoration Clinic

Eugenix has become the leading hair transplant clinic and best hair transplant center in India after pioneering direct hair transplant technology and introducing stem cell research. Under the supervision of Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal Eugenix offers unparalleled and international standards in Hair Transplant.

We can brag about the fact that over 15,000 patients have been transformed, through the hands of expert doctors at Eugenix. Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal have also treated 1,800+ cases of Grade 6/7 baldness. Eugenix has implanted more than 5,04,00,000+ grafts with almost 100% success rate.

Eugenix is approved by the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL) to train dermatologists for hair transplant surgery in India and is the only organization approved by the association. Eugenix offers Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology which provides permanent natural looking hair to the patients.

Eugenix provides solutions for Androgenetic Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness, and Female Pattern Baldness. It treats unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries and performs corrective hair restorations. Our area of expertise also lies in hairline reconstruction, eyebrow reconstruction, mustache and beard hair reconstruction, body hair transplant, Unshaven & Long Hair Transplantation, and African hair transplants. We are impeccable in handling advanced cases of baldness through body hair transplants and performing corrective surgeries. The hairline made by Dr. Bansal and Dr. Sethi is so flawless that it is hard to figure out whether any hair job is done.

We emphasize excellence in hair transplants and are committed to offering complete patient satisfaction and a rewarding experience.

Eugenix keeps patients completely confidential and guarantees ethical standards in all its efforts.

Our one motto for every surgical procedure is "Do it once, do it right!"