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Hair Transplant Correction

A failed hair transplant surgery can occur due to technical failure by the surgical team or due to sloppy surgical methods. Hair Transplant correction requires skill and expertise to rectify and reconstruct what has already been wronged.


Hair Transplant Correction

The failure of a hair transplant surgery can occur due to technical failure by the surgical team or due to sloppy surgical methods. There are many clinics for hair transplantation but unfortunately, hair transplants done by an inexperienced surgeon can lead to poor results, low self-esteem, patient dissatisfaction, and depression.

Corrective hair transplant is challenging because of the reduction in the donor area, bad hairline designs and previously done scarring. It can also be very traumatic for the patient. It requires skill and expertise to rectify and reconstruct what has already been wronged. We need to take care of the donor reserve, and the new design and minimize the scarring.

What Are The Rescue Options?

There are certain ways to repair a failed hair transplant:

What Are The Causes?

Following Are The Various Causes Of Failed Hair Transplants:

Drying Graft

The hair graft can dry up in case it is exposed to air for more than 10-20 seconds. Tiny grafts are at a much greater risk of damage or drying. This can happen due to the below-mentioned conditions:

Storing the Graft for a Long Time

The solutions meant for the survival of the grafts should be well maintained and they must be in their accurate compositions. If the graft is left out of the body for a long time then the risk of damage is higher.

Handling of Graft

It takes some time to move the grafts from the physiological bath solution to the recipient area. Thus if the grafts are taken out and piled up on a surface then the grafts end up getting exposed to air.

Placing the Graft

It is very important to handle the grafts delicately. It requires a steady hand while placing the grafts.

Depth of the Graft

Placing the graft too deep also kills the graft and it can produce follicles after the surgery. Placing a graft too deep or too superficially can cause infection of hair follicles.

What Are The Cases Where Hair Transplant Repair Is Required?

Unnatural Hairline

Compromised Density

In a few failed hair restorations, you can find thicker hair, but still, you can easily see the scalp. Implanting the grafts in between can help correct the scanty look on the scalp. This procedure needs a lot of care and skill.

Wide Scar after FUT

Follicular unit transplantation often results in a linear scar at the back of the scalp. The incision may resemble a wide scar if it is closed while under tension. Hair transplantation can be done on this scar to make it less visible.

Stretched Scar

The scar might be stretched by sloppy surgical techniques or loose stitches.

Bushy Temples

Temples usually have fine and light-colored hair. A bushy appearance is caused by excessive volume on the temples following a hair transplant caused by thick hair implantation. This can be changed to give the temples a more natural appearance.

What Are The Techniques Used In Hair Transplant Repair?

For addressing the failed hair transplant surgeries, we are using the latest DHT technology which is extended as Direct Hair Transplant. This is a modification of the FUE technique and the same is pioneered by our founders. Read everything about DHT – Direct Hair Transplant Technique.

Why Choose Eugenix For Corrective Hair Transplantation?

Dr. Sethi personally believes that those who visit us for corrective cases are the sloppy souls who need to be well looked after. It is hard to believe that about 40-50 patients approach us for corrections. Carelessly doubles or triples are implanted in the hairline zone. Their hair transplant has been so unnatural that they wish to look bald instead of wearing that kind of hair. But, taking out those grafts we have made sure that the least possible graft gets damaged, as we know how important each graft is. We wish that you never require corrective surgery, but if by any chance you do, then we will make sure that you will not feel ever that you ever had a failed hair transplant.

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