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Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

Eugenix Hair Sciences is a hair transplant clinic that is working to revolutionize the hair transplant industry with its patented hair transplant technology called the Direct Hair Transplant.

The terms of the surgical procedure along with the complete booking procedure can be listed as follows:

Date of Hair Transplant Procedure

  • The patient is required to book their session for hair transplantation as per the requirements of the process followed by Eugenix Hair Sciences.
  • The patient should come a day prior to the surgery for the pre-operative procedure. It is a safety protocol that ensures the blood markers are normal and everything is in place so we can provide you with our best service.
  • We also expect you to kindly understand there will always be an outside possibility for the procedure getting postponed in case of any exigency related to the operating doctor’s health and general well-being.

Timing of the Hair Transplant Surgery

The surgeries timings will be confirmed by an evening prior to the surgery.

Other Terms:

  • The surgeries take place in the Eugenix Hair Transplant center in Gurugram and Mumbai

  • The price of the surgery will vary depending on the number of grafts used and the package of the surgical procedure as applicable to the patient.

  • An advance amount to book the surgery is to be deposited.

  • The remaining balance post deduction of booking advance needs to be paid on the date of the surgery.

  • The package details are exclusive package (doctor involvement and coverage promised).

  • 6 Complimentary PRP as given by Eugenix Hair Sciences.

  • The value-added benefits as provided by Eugenix Hair Sciences take care of the patients’ pre-surgical counseling doubt clearance, comfort during the surgical procedure, lodging and stay along with post-surgery care and recovery.

  • Complimentary stay and airport pick and drop are also included in this value-added service.

Other Terms before Opting for Surgery

  • You shall have to get your blood pressure checked and send us the report.

  • You shall be required to perform certain blood investigations: Hb, Platelets, TLC, DLC, Prothrombin time (PT), HBsAg, Anti-HCV, HIV 1&2, RBS, HbA1c (Glycosylated Hemoglobin), and Covid-19 RT PCR Test.

  • Please note that you will have to wear an open button shirt during the day of your transplantation. You will also be required to have a heavy breakfast since lunch shall be by 2 to 3 pm. Please let us know your food preferences and if you are allergic to any food item.

Hair Transplant Surgery: Pre-operative instructions

  • Avoid alcohol intake at least one week prior to surgery.

  • Avoid smoking, at least one week prior to surgery.

  • Avoid hair oil.

  • Shampoo your hair regularly.

  • Avoid aspirin and painkillers for one week, prior to surgery.

  • Avoid shaving or trimming your head and beard prior to a week of the surgery.

Hair Transplant Surgery: Post-Operative Instructions

  • Avoid touching or fiddling with the transplanted zone.

  • Avoid bumping your head into an external object like a car (door, roof) or a wall, etc.

  • Avoid sleeping prone, so that the transplanted grafts are not damaged by pressure/rubbing.

  • Spray the saline on the transplanted area at 3 hourly intervals for the first 72 hours post-surgery.

  • Betadine scrub for a head wash for the back of the head.

  • You can wear a loose baseball cap after the surgery or not wear anything on the head at all.

  • You can resume your normal physical activity from the next day itself.

  • You can start heavy physical exercise after 6-7 days.

  • You can start using your normal shampoo (preferably DOVE) after 7 days.