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Hair Transplant Cost

Per Graft Price for Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Cost in India

Hair transplant cost in India depends on various factors including the number of grafts required by the patient. Check per graft hair transplant cost at best hair restoration clinic. People in India reject the idea of getting a hair transplant as the cost varies not only in different clinics but also with different doctors. This difference causes aspirants to doubt the authenticity of the clinics. Why wouldn’t people doubt if one cost is cheap V/S the other cost is high. People often wonder if the cost near Gurgaon, Haryana is high because of the quality or just because of the proximity to the city.

The cost in Delhi is however affordable but we have witnessed many botched cases. It is important that you do your research properly before finalizing a clinic. Often people Google search with keywords like 5000 grafts hair transplant cost in Delhi and so on and then end up choosing the wrong clinic. This an absolutely wrong approach while looking for a clinic. It would be unfair to assess your requirement yourself. Only an experienced surgeon can determine that after evaluating your scalp.

Hair restoration is a complex cosmetic surgery. Still, people take it for granted. They usually end up searching irrelevant things. Hair transplant is a lifetime investment, you have to invest your vital resources into it. At Eugenix, people come from around the globe because they know it is safe and want to avoid corrective surgery. We often meet patients who need corrective surgery. We are specialized in corrective cases but we do not wish it upon anyone.

Why Choose Eugenix Hair Sciences?

  • Affordable: Eugenix Hair Sciences, India provides affordable hair restoration services and our prices are much lower than most of the Western countries’ renowned clinics. You can choose any of our surgeons based on your research and choice. We assure you that all our surgeons are highly experienced, skilled and passionate about their work.
  • Quality: Though we are very much affordable still we are unparalleled when it comes to quality. After performing 15000+ surgeries at our clinic, we can boost that we have attained almost 100% success. You can check our website; it is loaded with patients’ experiences and testimonials at Eugenix.
  • International amenities: Amenities at our clinic match international standards and you will have access to top-notch facilities here. Right from your airport transfer to your stay, we take care of everything. Just to mention, you will enjoy Indian cuisine and sight scenes more than your results.
  • A Class Post-Surgery Care: You will be highly impressed with our post-surgery care team. After associating with us, you are now a part of Eugenix family. Our post-surgery care team follows up to instruct you and guide you about the required stuff of post-care of hair transplant. We are just one call or one text away from you for helping you in any way we can.

For years we are known for restoring hair and restoring the smiles of our patients. Thus, trust us your investment here for the services will be worth it.