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Norwood Class 7A

Norwood Class 7A Hair Transplant And Cost

Norwood Class 7A is characterized by severe hair loss, similar to Class 7, with the main difference being the pattern of remaining hair. In Class 7A, the thin band of hair around the sides and back of the scalp, typically observed in Class 7, is absent or significantly reduced. This leaves the individual with a bare appearance on top and very minimal hair presence at the back and sides.

Given the advanced stage of hair loss, topical solutions and medications may prove ineffective. However, it is essential to remember that this does not mark the end of the road. It merely indicates the need for a change in the approach to treatment.

Even at this stage, hair transplantation at Eugenix may still be a viable option. Notably, the success of hair transplant in all Norwood Class 7A patients depends significantly on the availability of sufficient donor hair and the expertise of the surgeon. Making decisions at this stage calls for the guidance of an experienced hair loss clinic. A Consultation with Eugenix Hair Sciences can play a crucial role.

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in diagnosing and treating various patterns and stages of hair loss, and we excel at providing personalized treatment plans. Norwood Class 7A represents a severe stage of male pattern baldness, characterized by extensive hair loss with minimal hair remaining on the sides and back of the scalp. This stage necessitates the need for expert consultation and effective treatment strategies. Get your hair transplanted for Norwood Class 7A baldness - Calculate hair transplant cost in India. Discover best hairline construction, temple points, crown hair transplant and donor management for Norwood class 7A baldness.

Eugenix Hair Sciences can be your partner in this journey, offering expert advice, state-of-the-art treatment, and compassionate care. Eugenix Hair Sciences stands ready to help you navigate this journey. Book a consultation today.