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Hair Transplantation On Scar Tissue

Hair Transplantation On Scar Tissue

Dr. Arika Bansal
Dr. Arika Bansal

12 September, 2022

Developing a scar on your scalp can be the worst nightmare one can ever see in his life. This issue might lead you to look for a hair transplant on a scar. Before answering your question about whether can hair grows back on a scar on the head, let us first understand what a scar is and how it develops on the scalp or any part where hair is required.

Scarring, also known as cicatricial alopecia, is indeed an autoimmune process that kills hair follicles and results in permanent hair loss as well as scarring. A hair transplant on the scar is possible. Let us first understand the reasons for the scar tissue formation on the scalp:

Primary Reasons:

The primary reason for scar formation on the scalp or face is dermatological or skin condition that forms a scar or the disease Lichen Plano Pilaris. Hair loss is the consequence of this disease. If you develop this disease then you must consult the dermatologist on an immediate basis. This is because it becomes difficult to regrow the hair in this region but it is under control to stop the spreading of this disease. Also, a hair transplant must be done after the stabilization of this scar.

Secondary Reasons:

  • Post-traumatic reasons like injury, accident, burn, cuts, etc. can also lead to scar formation on areas which are cosmetically important for hair.
  • Post radiation is also a significant cause
  • Post-surgical scars due to FUT or brain surgery are also possible cases.

Because of any of the above reasons you might have developed a scar, this is why you are looking for a hair transplant on a scar. But do not worry you can regrow hair on the scar. Let us first know the characteristics of the scar:

  • Scar tissue is fibrous tissue that has replaced the area of injury
  • Scar tissues have less vascularity and they are very thin
  • Hair transplant surgeons face issues in ensuring the survival of grafts
  • Uptake of the grafts is lesser due to inadequate blood supply

Hair Transplant Scar Removal Is A Possible Case These Days. But, The Following Things Are To Be Kept In Mind While Doing A Hair Transplant On S Scar:

  • The density of the grafts must be kept lesser than normal. Normally 40-45 grafts per square cm are implanted whereas in a scar 20-25 squares per cm. This is because the depth of the scar is less vascular and consequently graft uptake is not good.
  • The plantation is usually on the front and the back so that the growth on the sides can cover the scar tissue.
  • In a linear scar, the plantation is denser so that the graft uptake is better due to the lesser thickness of the tissue.
  • Plan the edges of the scar in a denser manner in a linear scar. This is because on the edges tissue is normal, growth is better, graft uptake is better, and consequently, it will hide the scar better.

Hair transplant in a FUT scar: 

Chances are there that you might have gone through FUT surgery for a hair transplant, this is why you are looking for a hair transplant on scar tissue cost.  One has to be very careful in planning the donor extraction in this case. As the patient had androgenetic alopecia and he has gone through strip surgery in the past, his scalp donor is already exhausted. He now has a finite donor bank throughout his life. Scalp grafts are used if the scar is very prominent. But, mostly body hair is used to cover that scar, preferably beard hair. Scalp micro pigmentation is used along with the transplant to hide the scar. If only FUT surgery is performed, then the scar is not thick but if the person has gone through multiple surgeries then he tends to have thick scars. Usually, the scars are not hypertrophic, consequently, results are good in these cases.

Facial scarring: 

Eyebrows, moustache, beards, and eyelashes are cosmetically important areas. Sometimes due to some traumatic cause or some surgical procedures, one can have scars in these areas, resulting in hair loss in these areas. A hair transplant can help regrow hair on the scar. After an injury or surgery, the surgeon must wait for a period of 6-8 months, to allow the scar remodelling. This means the body will heal the scar. One must not straightaway jump to the surgery.

Dr. Arika Bansal

Dr. Arika Bansal

One of only a few female surgeons specializing in hair transplant surgery in India, Dr. Arika Bansal has been voted one of the best doctors in the world. She maintains an active membership in the ISHRS and regularly submits research papers to medical journals. 15+ years down the line, 15,000+ surgeries are accomplished under Dr. Bansal’s supervision. She specializes in female hair transplant, density improvement, corrective hair transplantation and hairline design.

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