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Post-Surgery Hair Care

Post-Surgery Hair Care

Dr. Arika Bansal
Dr. Arika Bansal

20 September, 2022

People are now very well acquainted with hair transplants. They are smart enough to explore options and get their hair transplant done in the best possible way. But still, post-surgery hair care is a thing that many are not aware of. This article will tell you everything about post-surgery hair care.

Post-Operative Care Should Be Observed Meticulously For Seven Days. It Can Be Divided Into Two Parts:

• Donor Area Care

• Recipient Area Care

The basic principle of this post-operative care is the grafts which are implanted in the recipient sites should not be rubbed. There should be no tangential pressure being applied on those grafts.

Donor-Area Care: It is an important aspect of post-surgery hair care. The betadine solution is to be used for donor area cleaning. It can be also used on the beard if extraction from the beard has been done. After the cleansing, an antibiotic cream will be applied to the donor area and we have to keep it open. The bandage need not be applied. We should make sure that betadine doesn’t touch the recipient area at all because we assume that since betadine is a slightly harsh & toxic chemical toxic, it can destroy the viability of the recipient grafts.

Recipient-Area Care:  The importance of recipient-area care cannot be neglected in post-surgery hair care instructions. Let us understand this in detail.

Frontal and mid-scalp: Normal saline spray in a spray bottle must be used. Spray gently just one or two times, so that the recipient area becomes moist. Spray this in 2 hours of intervals for initial 7 days, so that the area doesn’t become too dry and adherent on the skin.

Crown: Crown is the top portion if a transplant is done here, then it becomes very difficult for the patient to prevent graft damage for the first two days. Sleeping is a challenge for the first two nights. If the patient has received crown implantation then he must sleep on the edge of the bed so that his crown area keeps hanging in the air, or he can use a large fluffy pillow beneath the nape of the neck. If the pressure is applied only on the nape of the neck or on the occiput, the Crown remains hanging and it is not rubbed or touched, and the risk is minimized.

Few Instructions On Post-Surgery-Hair Care:

Do not look for anything like 1 month after hair transplant care, just follow these instructions:

  • Avoid touching or fiddling with the transplanted zone.
  • Avoid bumping your head into any external object like a car (door, roof) or a wall, etc.
  • Are you thinking about How to cover head after hair transplant? Well, there is no need to cover the head all the time. But, while stepping out of the home or when you are exposed to dirt or sun, try wearing a surgical cap.
  • Avoid sleeping prone, so that the transplanted grafts are not damaged by pressure/rubbing. You can resume your normal physical activity from the next day itself.
  • You can start heavy physical exercise after 6-7 days.

Are you thinking When can I wash my hair normally after a hair transplant? The answer is 7 days. You can start using your normal shampoo (preferably DOVE) after 7 days.

Dr. Arika Bansal

Dr. Arika Bansal

One of only a few female surgeons specializing in hair transplant surgery in India, Dr. Arika Bansal has been voted one of the best doctors in the world. She maintains an active membership in the ISHRS and regularly submits research papers to medical journals. 15+ years down the line, 15,000+ surgeries are accomplished under Dr. Bansal’s supervision. She specializes in female hair transplant, density improvement, corrective hair transplantation and hairline design.

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